New GLoFin Design being released this fall! We launch our new website and pre-order page October 1st

GLoFin® - The accessory fin system

GLoFin® features several accessories to fit your needs!  Accessorize it with a light or camera mount. Leave it empty for standard use!

Change the inserts in 5 seconds with simple pull-twist motion. The flexible fin grabs and holds securely.

Check out our accessories and capture some of the world's first surf shots from the perspective of your GLoFin®

The GLoFin® will fit these paddle boards: Screw in / Snap in / Slide in 

GLoFin ® can be your everyday paddle board fin
Use it with or without the light, day or night! 

No straps or battery packs to deal with!
Insert and GLo in under 5 seconds!


Use these on your next night time SUP experience and give yourself access to a world you've never seen before and make new friends both above and below the water! 

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