Looking for advice and recommendations on ESCA Surf products?

1) How do I care for my LITRA cubes?

Always rinse your LITRA cubes with fresh water after use. Spray some WD-40 in the electrical port to prevent corrosion. A small Q-Tip can be used to clean the port if dirty. 

2) My GLoFin has become deformed, what do I do?

The GLoFin is made out of heavy duty urethane with UV protectant and made to flex. It will deform with heat, if it's pushed up against something. If your GLoFin has become deformed, do not worry. You can place it in your car or outside in the sun for some heat. You can then hold to its original size under cold water. If you hang it upside down where the insert goes, it will also relax naturally. The GLoFin will not break easily and can handle being bent and pushed!

3) My paddle tour is an hour, what do you recommend?

Several customers who run 60 minute paddle tours successfully use the high setting, which only lasts approx 40 minutes. To do around this, the paddle tour begins without the LITRAs on. It offers the Customer a chance to get out on the water, under the full moon naturally. Once everyone is safely out on the water and their eyes are adjusted to the dark, the instructor/lifeguard will have everyone paddle by. One at a time, they can turn on the Customers LITRAs and it provides a great wow factor that helps end the paddle tour on a high note. Did we mention this is a great photo opportunity for all the smiling faces?